Los Albares de Sotogrande

Siguiente Proyecto: Hermosilla 47
Sotogrande, Cádiz
49 Villas
35.124 m2

A stylish residential complex with 49 villas designed by the architectural firm Torras y Sierra.

Los Albares de Sotogrande is a stylish residential complex with 49 villas designed by the architectural firm Torras y Sierra. They have a traditional design and are located in the residential development of Sotogrande (Sotogrande Alto) next to “La Cañada” golf course.

Single-Family homes featuring 3 or 4 bedrooms with private garden and swimming pool.  

The defining feature of this development is that the surroundings take centre stage, with the vegetation and outdoor spaces integrating and giving meaning to all of the project’s architecture. The slogan for the design is “a garden with houses”. Exclusivity, sustainability and high-end design are the trademarks of its villas set in a closed-off, natural area.
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